Learn how to Read and Use Crypto Trading Signals

If you’re new to trading, you probably want a concrete idea of what a crypto trading signal is and how you’re supposed to read it. Although cryptocurrencies are not fundamentsally different from traditional currencies in many ways and the original meaning of a cryptocurrency is “digital cash”, using cryptos for traditional currency transactions doesn’t really work across the board and thus requires savvy traders. Multiple factors affect price fluctuations on the market including supply, current news, political unrest, among others, but these are what influence

What Are Crypto Trading Signals?

With what you now know about cryptocurrency and investing, you are arguably ready to begin trading cryptocurrencies yourself. Crypto trading signals can give potential traders an advantage when they trade cryptocurrencies. When a trader buys or sells a cryptocurrency as a signal is triggered, they will have an idea of where the market is going next before it happens.

Examples of Cryptocurrency and Stock Market Cycles

Cryptocurrency and stock market cycles may look very similar at the beginning, getting a “buy low, sell high” mentality. This can lead traders to make some incredible profits during hot trading. As the markets begin to cool off, savvy traders will know how to spring into action – they’ll be looking for their averages and likely remain in the long-term trades that give them profit. Unfortunately, this is the time when many traders get burned; too many of them chase those surging highs!

How to Find a Smart Trading Algorithm

The ideal algorithm you’ll need comes in the form of a trading signal. A signal is part of an automated strategy that finds an opportunity for a trade based off of historical data. Most smart algorithms today submit trades on all the exchanges, including buy or sell signals. Finding a good trading algorithm is the first step to becoming a successful cryptocurrency trader. Some people learn how to trade directly from the tumbled mess in their portfolios. This way they can take their lumps and learn what works best. Others look for several good trading algorithms either by scouring through algorithms submitted at CryptoCompare or by finding a technical analyst and/or domain expert capable of analyzing investment trends.

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How to Read the Trade Signals

After the market opens, crypto traders watch for trading signals which tell them when the market is likely to go up or down. The most common types of these trading signals are moving averages and Fibonacci retracement levels. For example, a short-term support level 50% below the long-term resistance would be a good sign that the price will drop soon.


If you want to make money trading cryptocurrencies, then you need to start learning about them. These types of signals can give you the edge and allow you to win more in investments rather than losing. You will learn how to garner insight into what cryptocurrencies are best buying when they are on sale. There are also ways that these signals can cooperate with other strategies to create a well-rounded investment portfolio.

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