It was in 1972 that mathematician, stephen hawking made a prediction of what he would call the “global brain.” He anticipated an idea as futuristic then as it is now – artificial intelligence – to allow for a computer network where data can be easily allocated, planned and commented on. So, why does this concern you? Well, metaverse goes in-depth about everything from: the intricacies of China’s latest set of technologies through to democratizing internet services in Iran.
Introducing Metaverse: This is a was of envisioning the world and viewing it in different ways.
With Metaverse, your world is a shared VR space that everybody can experience. This means you can have an immersive experience while walking around in your actual surroundings. Simply log in to your Metaverse account and start seeing the world through different lenses. You can get something new and iconic on top of the old, you could use game elements to replicate a real-world party, and so much more!
The vr metaverse
Virtual reality has become big business and it has also been predicted to be a future of how much people are going to be acquainted with. In the future, people may use a device called Metaverse that would enable them to have the ability to LIVE ONLINE. Imagine being able to virtually travel anywhere in just seconds without ever having leave your seat because you are experiencing things from different worlds that don’t exist anymore!
Artificial intelligence features
Google’s smart tutoring system, machine learning, and other artificial intelligence advances have been playing a huge role in that. Now with Metaverse’s A/I customer support assistant, vendors can also use AI to service their products in a highly efficient way that gets customers to buy more by offering personalized, proactive assistance to customers.
5M people in the Metaverse currently
The Metaverse is a new way of connecting people. You can socialize, work, create, or shop online to modify the digital avatar that you see around you. There is no physical limitation to this virtual world because each person can create their own world as they please and do what they want with it. Metaverse is an entire global digital world that offers an immersive 3D global internet experience. Anyone can visit the Metaverse at any time, stepping into a completely new digital environment that reacts to your imagination and where you stay in contact with friends, family, and coworkers if they are also VR/AR enabled. There are many active communities of people who meet up with their friends to explore and play together.
Blog Conclusion:
This blog is all over the place, so I will only be able to write a short conclusion.
How has the Internet changed culture?
Exploring a new perspective on the world by looking in the metaverse made me realize that the Internet is changing not just the way human beings view each other, but how we view ourselves and our relationships to objects in the physical world.
Metaverse may be reshaping how we view the world and communication through such innovations as intelligent journalism, smart social communities, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, chatbots and more
As virtual reality, artificial intelligence and augmented reality increases, the world of work, business and communication is changing at an exponential rate. By 2019 there will be over 50 million Holograms with 1.5 billion computers around the world acting as a vast distributed intelligence network.
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