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The year 2022 has come and gone and sometimes it can feel like there are so many uncertainties that go into purchasing stock. However, investing in stocks can be a solid investment strategy in the long run! This guide contains top investors from different companies reviewing their favorite stock to purchase in the future.

When to invest in stocks

As of February 26th the S&P 500 index was up 18.1% over the previous 12 months. Buys have outpaced sells by 2:1 and a long-term trend upwards after two corrections back to historic highs is beginning to develop. A safe way to play on this trend is to invest at least 80% of your portfolio’s value in stocks. This can also reduce your risk by limiting investments in any one sector. There are many indicators that show a bull market is imminent. This means raising your investments. Let’s take a look at what a trusty stock portfolio may grow to by 2022.

Best Stocks Today

In 2019, a stock may be great and worth buying quickly. But with the uncertainty of today’s market, it will probably turn out to be from an early-stage company that is forgotten soon after being purchased. That’s where I come in. In this article, I offer you eight stocks that have the potential to give investors a return by 2022.

Best Stocks To Buy For Your Retirement

In fact, many of these companies are expected to skyrocket even more in 2022. Each of the stocks below will constitute an important source of retirement income. The best stocks to buy in 2022 are very different from what people might think. There is still a lot of time for stocks to increase over the next few years, but it’s always good to have a list of safe bets before you start saving or investing.

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Best Performing Stocks

Looking to invest in a company that is skyrocketing ahead of 2020? One of the best stocks is Chevron Corp. This petroleum and gas company increased by $5.07 per share in Q2 2019, producing an yr-over-yr increase of 13%. As of December $75 billion has already secured this corporation’s future with institutional investors. There are a lot of brilliant companies and stocks in the market right now. In his most recent article, Dr. Bernstein discusses 14 stocks to watch out for in 2022. These investments are expected to do better than others after 2022 based on history and predictions. If you want your portfolio to thrive in the coming years, these stocks might be best for you.


No matter where you stand, it’s always good to get inspired. If you’re looking for a list of the best stocks to buy in 2022, this article is your first step. The list featured eight “blue chips” that are at their lowest price per share overall in one hundred years. Joining the elite club of stocks with 100 years of data make these stocks perfect for long-term investors who want to capitalize on the transition of the world’s economy to renewable energy sources.

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