Ways to Avoid Fear Of Missing Out

FOMO is what happens when you can’t stop thinking about stuff you won’t ever have or would have liked to have. FOMO can actually drive you to do irrational things like investing in something that you know is going to increase in value but because it increases, your fear of missing out leads you to unload your stocks or invest in an idea with less fulfilling investment potential. So without further ado let these “Ways to Avoid Fear Of Missing Out” so that anxiety and

How to Avoid FOMO

Fear of missing out is a natural human instinct that, when left unchecked, can cause you not to reach your full potential as an individual. One way to avoid it is to be mindful about what you post on social media. Make sure that all the posts that go out are true reflections of who you really are. We all experience fear of missing out at some point in our lives and it makes me incredibly sad that sometimes we’ll end up missing something – (whether work, a family event or even just something small) because of FOMO. It’s scary to have missed seeing your friend’s face after a long day…or to realize you might’ve been the only one who didn’t show up to a party when most everyone else was invited. The good news is you can get over this fear and avoid these long-winded emotions with these tips.

Escaping FOMO

FOMO is an affliction without a cure. Technically, fear of missing out is not a medical condition because it is subjective to each individual. Still, many people struggle with the fear of being unhappy with life and feeling constantly unsatisfied. Despite whatever reason you have, here are seven ways you can avoid losing your mind to FOMO:

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Research actually shows that the fear of missing out can be a contributor to anxiety. It’s easy to feel anxious when you’re afraid that life is passing you by while you are constantly looking at the phone and getting notifications or social media posts. Fear of missing out is something many people struggle with. There are different methods people use to avoid FOMO including not being on social media, always relying on alternative methods to watch that game, and saying no to invitations. These are just some of my own and in no way the only ways people can avoid FOMO.

Apps and Technology

There are a number of apps you can download to avoid obsessing over FOMO or constantly browsing social media. There are apps that offer customized notifications and reminders so you can avoid missing any posts and updates. Digital detox programs also provide tools to help individuals get the relaxation they need to escape their smartphones and remain focused on what is important in life.


One of the most important tips on how to maximize our time is to say no. Make sure to say no or at least move past the initial impulse of saying yes and do not miss out on something important in our life because of lackadaisical impulses.

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